Why is it important to protect mother nature?

Why is it important to protect mother nature?

Protection of nature and planet is the responsibility of every human being who exists on earth. There is nothing as important and as significant as earth. If there is no earth that means there is no existence. We need to protect our planet’s biodiversity in order to protect the ecosystem, control climate as well as safeguard our humanity.

 There have been news headlines which are dominated by the news like the damages which we are causing to earth and why it needs to be stopped. Moreover, the global activists have been constantly trying to draw our attention towards conserving the earth and to protect and treat it gently. These are the people who are on the frontlines of the fight in order to protect our nature.

Earth is the only planet that hosts life and there are variety of living species found on this planet. Thousands of species are discovered every year and it is a major responsibility to protect every species. Our needs and demands have escalated so much that in the process of creating extraordinary things for us, we almost forget that we are emitting so many harmful gases which can affect the purity of earth.

The destruction of the biodiversity has brought out serious impacts one earth on global level. When we destroy the rainforests, it leads to more erosion and also loss of various valuable living species due to the climatic changes. It is high time that we need to understand the functioning of biodiversity in order to save the earth.

We have become so insensitive while serving our own needs and not caring for the planet where we live and survive. The nature has been degrading due to the emission of all harmful gases and chemicals. The rivers and oceans are now polluted with all kinds of wastes and drainages have been blocked with unwanted matters. Societies have become so industrialized which has changes our relationship with nature.

Many of our activities and approaches towards the ecosystem have been cruel and proved how irresponsible we humans are at times. Understanding the biodiversity is very important for the conservation of environment and also for the betterment of people. Climate change as well as the growing demand for timber and food for humans has led to an immense stress on the ecosystem.

The more plant, insect and animal species there are in one area the greater the biodiversity and the healthier the ecosystem. It is important to respect all the creations of God, we need to respect the nature. If we don’t respect and take care of other species of our biodiversity, they will become extinct.

Restoring and protecting our biodiversity and nature is important for both planetary as well as human health.

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