Youth Taking Action Against Climate Change

Youth Taking Action Against Climate Change

What has been happening around the world?

Glaciers are melting, the sea level is rising, rainfall patterns are changing and that there have been increases in the number of droughts, floods, mudslides, and heat waves. This is CLIMATE CHANGE, the biggest issue we are all facing right now, and the said effects are inevitable. They are affecting everyone. Now the question each of us must face is, “What can each of us do about this?”

The youth must play a special part in their communities, their country, and their region, for they are the next generation who will be seriously affected by the impacts now and into the future. All of these effects are already getting worse as each minute passes by. For this reason, many youth should know and be involved in this issue NOW.

What can the youth do to get involved?

1. Learn more about climate change in your country:

Know the current situation in your area, the vulnerabilities of the locality you are living in, the catastrophes that happened before, the initiatives and programs currently being implemented by the government and other organizations, the national laws and policies being implemented, and other vital information.

2. Raise awareness about climate change:

Invite other youths to learn about climate change. Promote current programs by the government. Blog about it. Write articles for your school, local and national newspapers. Promote climate change awareness websites and programs to your friends and relatives. Make a video and upload it in YouTube, in your blog and other websites. Interview local people about changes they have observed, and many others.

3. Volunteer to get youth voices heard:

Join national and local youth organizations focusing on climate change. Invite your friends to join as well. Talk to the government regarding your opinions, suggestions and proposed plan of actions.

4. Get together in a group to discuss climate change and create a project to address its impacts in your community:

Camps, forums and workshops at the national and local levels are highly effective ways to unite the youth. Participants can learn about the problems and the skills to deal with them, such as mapping community strengths and weaknesses to identify flood preparedness projects, and interviewing elders to understand changes in seasons.

Many other activities can be done by the youth to help solve the climate crisis, and not only the ones mentioned above.

The youth can take action to reduce the impact of climate change. It is just a matter of choice; a personal choice each of us must make now.

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